10% of the earth’s surface is covered by glacial ice, over a third of which could disappear by the end of this century due to global warming.
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Our glaciers have rested over thousands of years in profound silence and their continuous recession today reminds us of the  deeply disturbing probability of their disappearance.

Melting Landscapes -Glaciers- was made over a 4-year period on various glaciers around the world. 

In 2017 I was very fortunate to be able to accompany and work with the photographer Fernando Moleres in Greenland, he had been developing the photographic work of Melting Landscapes in the Arctic for some time. I was able to continue accompanying him in the following chapters of the project to work on the video part.

After directly witnessing Greenland’s melting and receding glaciers due to global warming, I felt a personal need to commit to the environment and carry out an exhaustive study of how human-provoked climate change is causing this. The first report I worked on in a Greenland ice field was followed by others in ice fields in Iceland and southern Chile and glaciers in Argentina and Antarctica.

The importance of glaciers resides in their capacity to store our planet’s fresh water, reflect the sun’s heat and regulate global temperatures. They are very sensitive to changes in temperature and their exponential melting alerts us to this undeniable problem, directly showing us the unpredictable effects of climate change on our planet.


As the main characters of this documentary, the textures and sounds of these frozen landscapes tell their own story of transformation.



Film Dossier


Ficha Informativa

Director, Edit and Camera

Pepe Molina Cruz

Melting Landscapes Original Idea and Photographic Project

Fernando Moleres

Music & Sound Design

José Bautista / Kanseisounds


Joan Roig / Cromagnon TV


Moon Shin Ki

Laboratory Image Support 

Raúl Peña IMIM 

Ice Core Image

Ross Ice Shelf Project programme. NZ

Techincal Equipment Support


Filmed on




World ́s Independent Cinema Awards, Grand Off, Poland. First Prize best Cinematography

BBK Mendi Film Festival, Spain. Best Short Documentary


International film festival AricaNativa, Chile. Special Jury Award

International film festival of Astorga,Spain. Best Short Documentary

International Mountain film festival, Ushuaia,Argentina. First prize best Cinematography

Oficial Selection Display, Impact Forum, NYC

Dubai Universal Expo, Selected Shorfilm for Exhibition, Spanish Pavilion

Exhibition National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain.

Exhibition Roca Gallery Beijing, China. Video Installation “Melting Landscapes Human Transformation”

Mostra de Cinema de Montaña,Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Best Short Documentary

International film festival Cortomontagna, Italy. Special Jury Award 


Exhibition Roca Gallery, Madrid. Video Installation “Melting Landscapes Human Transformation”

20+ Officials Selections in differents film festivals around the world.

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